It’s all rather odd…

…I seem to have been inadvertently sucked into a rather large community of cats on Twitter.  To be honest, I didn’t think cats tweeted. I knew they got tweeted at – generally by birds of the angry or scared variety. But I wasn’t aware that your actual common or garden cat tweeted.  On Twitter.  Obviously I’m very, very wrong…

Oh, sorry, what’s a stupidat? Here’s one…

See? It’s… er… a cat that’s a bit stupid looking.  There’s all sorts of different ones – have a look in my online shop (the link’s just up there – no, there, on the right).

Aaaaaaah, yes, you get it now… I’m selling stuff… wait, no, don’t run away…

Well, you can if you want. But maybe you’ll come back… oh, go on… please…?

2 thoughts on “It’s all rather odd…

  1. I loved the blog….I thought that blogging would be silly but I have found that I really enjoy it. Have fun with your blog I know I have!

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