Birth of a stupidcat…

Well hello! Blimey, I’ve actually got round to popping a blog!

Been meaning to do this for ages – I took a few ‘stupidcat in progress’ snaps a while back with the intention of posting them here. At my first craft fair last weekend, the most frequent question I was asked was ‘How are they done?’ – so I thought I’d get my act together and do the ‘Birth of a stupidcat’ post at last… so, here goes!

Step 1: Er, tidy my desk so I have a bit of space. This frequently involves moving Oscar (our fiesty black cat) from the cleared space at least three times, as he has a habit of appearing out of nowhere to claim any newly cleared spaces, and falling asleep within seconds. I suspect he may fake the sleeping bit. He also does a similar thing with half-packed bags, empty boxes, most type of bag, and (for some strange reason) orange hi-visibility clothing. Hang on, I’ve already lost my thread… (clear desk, move Oscar at least three times… Ah! Got it!). Right. Yes. Mark out a template in my drawing pad… Cue photo… and here, lovely readers (gosh, isn’t this exciting?!) you can see my drawing board (which used to be my mums), ideas pad, drawing pad, water-resistant crayons, ink, and all the other things that are required to bring a stupidcat into being.


Step 2: Next I’ll draw the outline of the stupidcat – this one was inspired by that fab Twitterer, @tiddlesfry (well worth a follow if you tweet):

Is there anything there? Can you see that? Well, maybe it’ll look better posted.

Step 3: Hurrah, it’s crayon time! I use Caran D’Ache water resistant crayons, and… er… well, basically, colour the stupidcat and background in…

Step 4: Apply a healthy coat of black India ink. I do this in stages, depending on how complex the piccie is – with stupidcats I’ll do the stupidcat first:

Hello? Hello? Are you still there? Sorry to wake you…  On to the next step… (scrolls up to check what number we’re on…)

Step 5:Wait for ink to dry. (!)

Step 6: Start work with my little scritchy-scratchy-scrapey-tooly-thingy, removing the dried ink…

Can you see what it is yet? Sooner or later we end up here…

Shhhhh, don’t wake him up, he’s sleeping!

Step 7: Then it’s back to the bottle, and the background is inked over.

Step 8: Refer to Step 5…

Step 9: Back to my trusty scritchy-scratchy-scrapey-tooly-thingy…

Nearly there! Once the background’s done it’s time for…

Step 10: Tidying up, tweaking, adding whiskers etc… until we end up with a finished stupidcat:

And there you have it! I’ve recently realised that whilst drawing stupidcats, I pull the kind of face the stupidcat is pulling… which is all very well in the privacy of your own home, but probably not a good thing to do when you’re drawing a mardy stupidcat whilst sitting behind your stall at a craft fair. Hmmm.

Anyway! Sorry – have I woken you up?! That’s how each stupidcat comes into being.

And finally… big thanks to Ivy’s Attic for featuring stupidcats in her
blog, and also not forgetting the lovely people at Indie Junction who featured me in their Artisans of the week back in May.

Over and out!

7 thoughts on “Birth of a stupidcat…

  1. Thanks for sharing this, I love to see the work in progress! And I love your stupidcat drawnings of course, they look so sweet!

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