Needle-felting rocks!

No, I haven’t been making rocks out of felt. I mean ‘needle-felting rocks’ as in it’s brilliant! Ace! Fab! Oh dear, I think my choice of words might be giving my age away…

Anyway, thought I’d pop a blog about needle-felting.  I’d been wondering how to make my stupidcats 3D, but not being a very good sewer I was a bit stuck as to how.  Every now and then I’d come across the term ‘needle-felting’ on Etsy, and liked the look of what was being created – but had no idea how it was done.  So back in September I Googled the term and watched a few YouTube videos, then thought ahaaaaaaa…! And so my journey into needle-felting began…

I bought myself some Merino tops and a set of needles, and rummaged around in the loft for a piece of foam… and off I went.

Here are my first three creations  – the first one (don’t laugh… oh go on then, have a giggle!) was done after getting back from the pub on the Friday my wool and needles arrived, and I was desperate to have a go!  The second was done the next day (!), and by the time I did the third, I think I’d cracked it…

And here are three later ones – my favourite black and white cat, sort of handbag-charm sized, a Christmas cat for hanging on your Christmas tree, and a tiny brooch…

And finally here a couple of recent non-catty things I’ve tried… A wee grey bunny, and a scarey spider.  I’m just finishing off a chameleon at the moment, and am trying something a bit different with it – it’s needle-felted in green Merino wool, then I’m covering it in hand-dyed vegetarian silk from Sassalynne on Etsy (if you’ve never heard of vegetarian silk, you must get some from her, it’s beautiful!). Photos to follow when it’s finished…

I’m totally in love with needle-felting! There’s something wonderful about working with soft wool fibres and seeing it take form and solidity before your very eyes.  I’m so glad I discovered this technique, so a big THANK YOU to Etsy, and all the wonderful needle-felting artists there that inspired me to have a go myself.

Resolutions for the New Year?  Try other felting techniques… One of my Etsy Craftbritannia team members shared this YouTube video of felt making recently – I now want my very own flock, and a big field.  But I think that might be a bit ambitious for this year…

And finally… (again…) here’s my latest Etsy Treasury of the kind of dolls I wish I’d had when I was little…

Happy New Year everyone!


6 thoughts on “Needle-felting rocks!

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  2. I can’t believe you’ve only been doing this since September – I just love your 3D StupidCats and can’t wait to see what you make next!

  3. These are wonderul! You have inspired me to try it. It does look like a lot of fun.
    I am following you from the Cats Rule the World Team on Etsy. Please come to my blog and follow back…

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