It’s tomorrow today!


Apologies for the five-month absence here since my last post – as you can imagine, things have been a bit crazy preparing for this event! 

“What event?” I hear you cry!

This one:


Since my last post I had to make a hard decision between learning to sew to make those cushions from my last post, or honing my screen-printing skills – it just wasn’t possible to do both and juggle the full-time job! I went for the printing thing – with the launch of Nottingham’s School of Print after their successful Kickstart campaign (see my post from March) I decided to become a member and have been learning the process under the watchful eye of Tom Camp. I LOVE IT! 

Rather ambitiously I went for two colour designs for tote bags and chose an extremely temperamental ink that has caused a few problems, but I’m getting better and better and am looking forward to continuing my membership and printing more and more. Much as I loved painting my own screens at home, using the proper kit at the School of Print, including their carousel, has meant I get much better results than I could achieve at home. 

Here’s a tote bag in progress:

Next up will be t-shirts!

I’ve also started using my Gocco printers, and have launched a new range of Gocco printed notebooks and greetings cards. 

I also have three new cats for you to meet, hurrah!

This is Bob. 


Don’t tell Dave, but he’s my favourite! As a long term fan of The Cure, I named this cat after Robert Smith because he’s a bit spikey and miserable looking (not that Mr Smith is miserable, but you get my meaning!). Bob has his own tote bag, screen printed in two colours by little old me, badges and pocket mirrors, a notebook and a Gocco printed card.

Here’s one of my original sketches for Bob:

Holly was inspired by meeting our friends’ cat of the same name who has the most startlingly green eyes that matched her blanket perfectly:

And finally Nigel was born after revisiting some old doodles:

Here’s a freshly-printed Nigel tote bag!

All my new things will be available in my Etsy store once the fair’s over. Hurrah!

Right, busy busy busy – I have a stand to set up! Keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for fair updates, and if you’re coming, details of last-minute flash offers!


ps: I have been sewing a little bit – all my handprinted tote bags boast rather cool embroidered tags on the back! Whilst I didn’t embroider them (!), I did sew each one on, and chose thread to match the colour of the bags. I’m well chuffed with them! 

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