Oioi, it’s me again, and look – I’ve got a handful of birdies!


Aw! There’s also a new recruit to the stupidcats birdie family – here he is:


Rather festive, eh?

By the way, if I suddenly squeal it’s because a string broke – we currently have the piano tuner in – it always makes me wince…!

Have you all had a look at CraftBlogUK’s Christmas Link Party, and voted for your three favourite items? If not, please go peep and support UK craftfolk by voting – and if you happen to like my little snowy owl and pop a vote on him… Well, that’d just be lovely! 🙂 Here’s the link:

CraftBlogUK Christmas Link Party

And while you’re there, have a look around – there’s some really interesting crafty posts.

Eeek, there are some rather scarey creaks coming from the piano… It’s rather old and sad – I hope it survives…

See you around! x


Oh deary deary me, it’s been an absolute age since I blogged – naughty stupidcats!

Things have been rather busy of late, amongst other things I applied for a new job (eeek, scarey!), got an interview for the new job (oooooh, even scarier!) and then… GOT THE JOB! I started it 3 weeks ago and am absolutely loving it… I might have to blog about it another time!

But before that, I’d like to share some of my latest noofings with you. The lovely CariadClay recently asked me if I could make her a little owl brooch, so I created a little grey hooty-beauty for her, and have since sold 3 more! Hurrah! Thanks CariadClay!

Since then I’ve also made a wee bluebird, and today I finished and listed a little snowy owl – here they are, hope you like ’em!

needle felted owls and birds

You can see the above items perched on shelves in my store here:

Tiny grey owl brooch
Tiny bluebird brooch
Tiny snowy owl brooch

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! x